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    Brand: Fastbind
    A3+ glue binder.
    Code: UT04010022
    Capacity cycles/hour Up to 450
    Capacity books/hour* Up to 180
    Min-max binding thickness 0.1–45 mm / 0.004–1.77 inches
    Max. binding length 455 mm / 17.9 inches
    Max. binding height 140/320 mm / 5.5/12.6 inches
    Max cover thickness ** 400 g/m2 / 225 index
    Voltage 220–240 V / 110–115 V
    Frequency 50–60 Hz / 50–60 Hz
    Max current 3.8 A
    Machine dimensions (W x D x H) 630 x 1080 x 600 mm
    Box dimensions (W x D x H) -
    Net/gross weight 80/- kg /

    Fastbind PUREVA NEO is the first and only economical PUR/EVA Perfect Binder for Hard and Soft Cover Book Binding.

    Fastbind PUREVA NEO makes it possible for anyone to take advantage of the PUR quality
    with a remarkably low investment and cost. The ability to use one machine for all of your perfect
    binding needs is unrivaled. Thanks to its integrated casing-in system, PUREVA NEO produces
    both soft and hard cover books for a more versatile product range. It also introduces a new
    interchangeable glue cartridge for easy PUR to EVA changes, a new PGO Microcut roughener
    and a new Fastbind Contact Roller that presses the glue into the paper grain.
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