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    CYKLOS AirSpeed 450

    Brand: Cyklos
    Creasing, Perforating and Punching Machine
    Code: DP02010043
    Available from: January 2024

    The Double version extends the use of existing Airspeed 450. The machine is a faithful copy of its
    predecessor, but unlike the predecessor, it allows the use of two strike tools in one pass. Emerging a
    number of interesting parallel production combinations - crease + inverse crease, crease + perforation,
    crease, + calendar punching, etc. With a working width of 450 mm and longitudinal rotary tools at the
    output, it makes it one of the most versatile machine in the field of print finishing.

    o original suction feed system with speed up to 3000 A4 sheets/h
    o large loading table and working width suitable for A2 paper formats
    o 7' touch screen display with simple and lucid setting
    o possibility of programme storage
    o two widths of creasing channels
    o easily exchangeable creasing, punching and perforating tools
    o high quality of anvil perforation
    o skew adjustment
    o automatic search of pre - defined folds
    o optional cutting / kiss - cutting tools
    o batching
    o optional ultrasound set for double feed detection

    Technical parameters
    a) working width 110 - 450 mm, min. paper size 110 x 105 mm
    b) recommended paper weight 80 - 400 g/m? (creasing, perforation) 80 - 250 g/m? (perforation)
    c) crease width CITO 1.0 mm - paper thickness < 0.24 mm (weight most often 80 - 200 iron groove 1.9 mm - paper thickness 0.24 - 0.5mm (weight most often 200 - 400 m?)
    d) min./max. number of grooves per page 0/40
    e) max. number of perforation wheels 10
    f) Number of programmes 60
    g) min./max. spacing of creases 0,5/2000 mm
    h) min. distance of the groove from sheet edge 0
    (i) Speed 3 000 A4 pages/h (with one crease) 4,300 A4 pages/h(at 0 crease, longitudinal perf/cutting
    (j) loading table capacity 70 mm
    (k) machine dimensions 1540 x 755 x 475 mm, 1540 x 755 x 1225 mm (including mobile table)
    l) machin
    Products specifications
    Brand Cyklos